The Selous in Africa: A Long Way from An

The Selous in Africa: A Long Way from Anywhere by

The Selous in Africa: A Long Way from Anywhere
  • An in-depth look at the largest protected area in Africa, spectacularly photographed by Robert J. Ross
  • Includes excerpts from Sand Rivers, the celebrated book by one of America’s greatest novelist and finest nature writers, the late Peter Matthiessen
  • Brief but informative texts on the history and ecology of the Selous and the problems/opportunities it faces
  • Beautiful gatefolds and high quality printing make this book the perfect gift for all nature lovers
“The Selous was my very first Africa experience, and it remains my favorite. Robert J. Ross’s extraordinary photographs take us into a natural world unlike any other on earth. A world of elephants. Of wild dogs. Of nature as it should be, can be, might be–if we keep these breathtaking images firmly in mind. A triumph!” Bryan Christy, Director, Special Investigations Unit, National Geographic

The Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania is Africa’s oldest and largest protected area. Proclaimed in 1896, and bigger than Switzerland, the Selous is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Selous remains one of Africa’s largest and greatest undisturbed ecosystems, teeming with life including one of the largest elephant populations remaining on the African continent, large packs of wild dogs, vast herds of buffalo as well as more lions than any other protected area on the continent as reported by National Geographic in August 2013.

New York-born photographer Robert J. Ross has spent much of the past six years photographing in this vast and difficult to access reserve. He has compiled more than 100,000 images showing all aspects of the reserve’s varied landscapes, seasons, flora and large and small fauna. The spectacular large-format photography book features a selection of the very best images including landscapes, wildlife portraits and behavior, night photography,impressionist style work and breath-taking aerials.


Category: Africa

ISBN: 8897737641
Binding: Hardcover
Pub Date: 11/25/2015

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