Sword of Justice (La Patron’s Sword) (Vo

Sword of Justice (La Patron’s Sword) (Volume 3) by Sydney Addae

Sword of Justice (La Patron's Sword) (Volume 3)
What happened to Asia? The Liege created a fake memory of her past, causing her to stumble in a dark world of anonymity. But why? Why did they go through all of that trouble to hide her identity. Asia, Hawke, Damian and Angus seek answers to these questions and more as they track down Asia’s sire. They believe he has answers to destroy the demons that plague her and to dispell the dark spots blinding her from the truth. Hawke knows it’s just a matter of time before his mate meets the sire who raped her mam and destroyed the White Wolf Clan, her mam’s pack. He hopes coming face to face with the person who ruined her chances for a normal life will provide her a measure of comfort, but he doubts it. The facts don’t line up and he suspects the picture they’ve seen is skewed. An unseen enemy is luring them into a trap. Can they unmask their enemies and the secrets necessary for his mates’s peace of mind? He hopes so, and that they all survive to return to La Patrons’ compound in Sword of Justice.


Category: Multicultural

ISBN: 1937334643
Binding: Paperback
Author: Sydney Addae
Pub Date: 2/28/2016

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