Strangelet, Volume 2, Issue 3

Strangelet, Volume 2, Issue 3 by Strangelet Press

Strangelet, Volume 2, Issue 3
Volume 2, Issue 3 of Strangelet, featuring cover art by Nina Vakueva Fiction
: “Living as Phineus” by Katherine Heath Shaeffer 
What happens when your wings only weigh you down?
 “Beneath the Skin” by Matthew Chamberlin 
Nothing in the flesh is what it seems. You have to reach the pit. Poetry: “Forever Yours, Astrid*” by Laurin DeChae
 A love letter from the end of the world.
 “All that remains of civilization” by James Valvis 
An ode to the fragility of life in space. “Microchip” by Laurin DeChae
 A day in the life of electronics.


Category: Anthologies

ISBN: 1530585554
Binding: Paperback
Author: Strangelet Press
Pub Date: 4/16/2016

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