Say I Love You. 13

Say I Love You. 13 by Kanae Hazuki

Say I Love You. 13

Graduation is only a few months away and Mei and Yamato have both found their future careers. Mei has decided to go into childcare and Yamato will become a professional photographer. But not everyone has found their place. Megumi uses the summer break to travel to Paris in an attempt to make it as an international model, but she quickly discovers that she doesn’t have the same appeal as she does back home. Megumi will do anything it takes to break into the industry, but she may have to rely on local help to overcome the many hurdles that stand in her way…


Category: Romance Manga

ISBN: 1632362147
Binding: Paperback
Author: Kanae Hazuki
Pub Date: 4/19/2016

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