Saved by the Bad Boy (A Devils Dragons M

Saved by the Bad Boy (A Devils Dragons Motorcycle Club Romance) by Nikki Wild

Saved by the Bad Boy (A Devils Dragons Motorcycle Club Romance)
“Don’t f*ck the case lead.” If that’s a rule in the detective handbook, I’m SCREWED. Eight years ago, Hunter wasn’t exactly the type of boy you brought home. Rough and rugged, his fresh leather jacket only made him look even more dangerous. Didn’t help that he knew how to make that motorcycle between his muscular thighs purr… And that wasn’t the only huge thing that drew my unwavering attention… When I broke his heart, he disappeared out of my life. For forever, I thought. Turns out, forever lasts less than a decade… Now, our lives are on a collision course again. Only this time, we’re on opposite sides of the law. Me, the fresh new detective, hunting down a missing girls case. And Hunter… the rock-hard biker president of a notorious motorcycle club. Guess what? He just turned up in the case file… and he might be my only help. Is this a chance to fix everything and set it all right again? If I get swept into this life, there’s no turning backā€¦


Category: Military

ISBN: 1532828284
Binding: Paperback
Author: Nikki Wild
Pub Date: 4/19/2016

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