Rise of the Seer (The Ransom Series) (Vo

Rise of the Seer (The Ransom Series) (Volume 2) by A.C. Autry

Rise of the Seer (The Ransom Series) (Volume 2)

Picking up where Ransom of the Healer left off, Catryn “Cat” King struggles to find her footing in a new and complex world where humans with supernatural abilities are real—and not always what they seem.

Introduced to this realm by Nathan Alexander and his family, Cat is desperate to keep her life as a Seer undetected by the Visionaries as her relationship with Nathan develops.

But when evil creatures known as “the Fallen” threaten Cat’s safety and the security of those around her, she’s forced to leave everything behind to begin training with her uncle and his elite team.

As Cat grows into her abilities, she must decide between staying with the Alexander family she has grown to love or protecting them by turning away. Will her sacrifice be enough to prevent tragedy? Or will love be the death of her?

For fans of Carrie Vaughn and Sarah Addison Allen, this second book in A.C. Autry’s Ransom series sees Cat embroiled in a perilous fight to keep her new family safe.


Category: Magical Realism

ISBN: 1517417473
Binding: Paperback
Author: A.C. Autry
Pub Date: 4/17/2016

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