Red Jade: Book 3: The Assembly (Volume 3

Red Jade: Book 3: The Assembly (Volume 3) by Stephen J. Wolf

Red Jade: Book 3: The Assembly (Volume 3)
The ebb and flow of power… With one jade left to reclaim, the team fractures, further jeopardizing Dariak’s quest for peace. Heading deeper into Hathreneir, he seeks the final shard. The war between the two kingdoms escalates as troops are stationed at the borders and skirmishes erupt. Time is running out for Dariak to unify the shards and make his power known to the kings. Pushing through the growing battles, Kitalla sets her personal goals aside to rebuild their team and reclaim the balance that is missing from her life. Only with the will of the jades can the companions hope to overcome the odds and assemble the Red Jade at last. Delminor’s legacy looms before them all.


Category: Sword & Sorcery

ISBN: 996984631
Binding: Paperback
Author: Stephen J. Wolf
Pub Date: 5/5/2016

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