Put your drone to work!

Drones for business are the next revolution

Drones are everywhere, they are the current craze and to many they are just a toy or a privacy issue.   But times are changing and there are legit businesses you can start with your drone.  Robotics over the last several decades has changed the manufacturing industry, but they are limited to ground applications.  What if you could have that same level of improvement but in the air.  It might be a shipping warehouse with a drone flying the aisles at night taking inventory.   Maybe a firefighter deploys a drone in a building or disaster to seek out survivors.   An insurance adjuster taking 4k video of a roof and no need for a ladder.

These are just a few examples, the site(putyourdronetowork.com) has a large list of tasks drones are doing, see if you can find something that fits your industry .   Drones are the next big technology and even thought larger companies and local governments are already on there way there is still room for small operators to get started.

Here are a few steps to get going.

drone working in warehouse
drone working in warehouse
  • Don’t just run out there and start selling your drone time, unless you want to be receive a fine from the FAA.  There are rules for non hobby use of your drone.
  • Not all drones are equal,  the higher end units have features like (obstacle avoidance, longer ranges, return to pilot, stable flight controls, etc)
  • It’s not just pictures and video, there are senors like (thermal imaging, gas leak detection, rfid readers, 3d mapping, etc)


Check out this guide on starting a new drone business with steps on how to get FAA certified, with info on insurance and regulations and more.

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