Patch of Trouble (A Southern Quilting My

Patch of Trouble (A Southern Quilting Mystery) (Volume 6) by Elizabeth Craig

Patch of Trouble (A Southern Quilting Mystery) (Volume 6)
When it comes to solving cold cases, nothing is ever cut and dried… Quilter Beatrice Coleman is enjoying the sleepy peace of a tranquil afternoon…until it’s interrupted by her friend, Miss Sissy. The elderly lady is making wild claims about narrowly escaping an intruder. And intruders are unusual in tiny Dappled Hills. Miss Sissy isn’t the most reliable of witnesses, and her claims are swiftly discounted—until her mysterious intruder is found dead. Beatrice won’t cut corners as she unravels the threads of both a murder and a puzzling disappearance from decades ago.


Category: British Detectives

ISBN: 997168536
Binding: Paperback
Author: Elizabeth Craig
Pub Date: 5/9/2016

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