No One to Trust (Love Inspired Suspense)

No One to Trust (Love Inspired Suspense) by Melody Carlson

No One to Trust (Love Inspired Suspense)

In a deserted area of a beach town, Leah Hampton is helpless against the stranger trying to drag her away at gunpoint. But a handsome man comes to her rescue, risking his life for her. Suddenly, she and Jon Wilson are being hunted by very powerful, dangerous people. Why? Could she have been a target for the human trafficking ring that Jon’s mother suspects is taking over the tiny town? Leah and the brave, love-shy man who saved her are now being framed for their pursuer’s crimes. Hiding out among the fog-shrouded dunes, Leah and Jon must outsmart the ringleader before they’re silenced forever.


Category: Romance Clean

ISBN: 373447264
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Author: Melody Carlson
Pub Date: 3/8/2016

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