Magician In Training (Poses of Power) (V

Magician In Training (Poses of Power) (Volume 1) by Guy Antibes

Magician In Training (Poses of Power) (Volume 1)
POWER OF POSES SERIES -Book One MAGICIAN IN TRAINING Trak Bluntwithe an illiterate stableboy is bequeathed an education by an estranged uncle. In the process of learning his letters, Trak finds out that he is a magician. So his adventures begin that will take him to foreign countries, fleeing from his home country, who seeks to execute him for the crime of being able to perform magic. The problem is that no country is safe for the boy while he undergoes training. Can he stay ahead of those who want to control him or keep his enemies from killing him? FANTASY – EPIC / SWORD & SORCERY / YOUNG ADULT


Category: New Adult & College

ISBN: 1518625274
Binding: Paperback
Author: Guy Antibes
Pub Date: 11/11/2015

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