Land Sharks: #Honolululaw, #Triathletes

Land Sharks: #Honolululaw, #Triathletes & a #Tvstar (Tri-Angles) by Katharine M Nohr

Land Sharks: #Honolululaw, #Triathletes & a #Tvstar (Tri-Angles)

Young attorney, Zana West, is assigned the perfect case for a triathlete–a lawsuit filed by Brad Jordan, a man who claims he was paralyzed during the Honolulu Olympic triathlon trials. As an added bonus, Zana’s television crush, Jerry Hirano, the star of “Fighting in Paradise” by night and attorney-by-day playboy, represents another defendant in the case. Jerry insists upon date-like evenings with her to discuss the investigation.

Clues mount up, but Jordan’s attorney, Rip Mansfield, a shark in an attorney’s suit, takes every opportunity to harass Zana. To make matters worse, she’s always one mistake away from being fired and she’s stuck working with her boss’s mini-me, Lucas Rossi, who would rather play video games than help with pre-trial discovery.

Will Zana be able to figure out the truth before the case goes to trial?


Category: British Detectives

ISBN: 996252134
Binding: Paperback
Author: Katharine M Nohr
Pub Date: 5/3/2016

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