Joyful Hearts: Coloring Love (Majestic E

Joyful Hearts: Coloring Love (Majestic Expressions) by Majestic Expressions

Joyful Hearts: Coloring Love (Majestic Expressions)

Life is full of demands. Appointments, deadlines, obligations, and constant digital chatter occupy every moment and build a mountain of unhealthy stress and tension.

Why not eliminate some of that stress as you ponder the unfailing love of God beautifully illustrated in Joyful Hearts: Coloring Love? Take a break from your busy schedule, and focus on filling the intricate images with the beauty of color. Watch each page come alive as you allow your creativity to flow freely.

Spend some quiet time relaxing with this inspirational adult coloring book. The worries of life can wait.


Category: Religious Art

ISBN: 1424551781
Binding: Paperback
Author: Majestic Expressions
Pub Date: 12/1/2015

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