Hard Luck Hank: Suck My Cosmos (Volume 4

Hard Luck Hank: Suck My Cosmos (Volume 4) by Steven Campbell

Hard Luck Hank: Suck My Cosmos (Volume 4)
Life on the space station Belvaille was hard. Not for the rich aristocrats who called it home, but for the poor slobs like Hank. Hank was considered a “renowned cutthroat” and was the oldest living person in the city. His job was to do the dirty work of people who didn’t want to get their hands dirty but still want dirty things done. Hank was a mutant who was bulletproof and weighed thousands of pounds, both effective attributes in his line of work. When the wife of a City Councilman approaches Hank about spying on her husband, Hank worries he might be flying too close to the flames for his own safety. When the man is assassinated, Hank is sure he is. Hank has to try and keep himself from getting framed for the murder as he is simultaneously dragged deeper and deeper into the machinations of the powerful City Council. NOTE: sequel to Hard Luck Hank – Screw the Galaxy, Hard Luck Hank – Basketful of Crap, and Hard Luck Hank – Prince of Suck


Category: Superheroes

ISBN: 1514728427
Binding: Paperback
Author: Steven Campbell
Pub Date: 6/26/2015

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