Q. When I buy or trade a book is it from Low Price Books?

A. No, all transactions (buying or trading) are done via Amazon.com.   Low Price Books is a search service that helps users find the best deals on Amazon.com and it’s 3rd party merchants.

Q. Why only Amazon.com books? 

A. At this time we have focused on Amazon it being the largest book vendor out there.    Amazon has thousands of 3rd party book sellers that have offerings through Amazon, many of those are used books at lower prices.    All  3rd party merchants that sell through Amazon must offer the same level of service as Amazon and are covered under Amazon’s A-to-Z  Policy.  Low Price Books is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

Q. Can I really buy books for 1 cent? 

A. Yes, but you will still have to pay shipping costs of $3.99.   This is possible because the large book sellers are able to ship most books for less than $3.99, and this is where they are able to make some profit.

Q. How do I use the barcode scanner? 

A. On the search bar click on the barcode icon on the right side.  Point the phones camera at the books barcode at a distance where the barcode is in focus.   The red line should be going across the barcode lines.   Poor lighting and poor focus can effect how fast the barcode is scanned.  You might need to turn your body or the book in a different direction to get the best lighting.   Also moving the phone slowly toward or away from the barcode will help force your phone to refocus the camera (about 4 inches is typical).    If a store has covered up the original barcode with a sticker or a new barcode these may not produce any results on the search.  You can always search by the ISBN number in the front of the book if no barcode is usable.

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