Earning Extra Cash as a Book Scout

Earning Extra Cash as a Book Scout

There are a growing number of people who are hunting for used books at garage sales, estates sales, and library sales and then reselling the books online.  Low Price Books can help find good deals so you are more likely to profit from these purchases.

Here’s how it works:

First, download the Low Price Books App for Android.  Then learn to use the app by scanning your unwanted books you may have at home. Not every book holds value but using the Low Price Books app you can quickly find the books that currently have a good used price or trade in value.  The app will show the lowest selling price new or used for Amazon and it’s thousand of 3rd party merchants.  Popular books may even have a trade in value.



Once you get started you’ll notice some books are being sold for as little as 1 cent.  From our experience this is difficult to make money like this, though it is possible by profiting from the shipping.   Start out by looking for books worth about $5 to $6 or more.  This will give you enough room for expense such as the cost of the book, packing material and others.   By scanning the book before you purchase you can make sure it’s worth your time.

How the book Ranks matters

Next know that just because the book has value, does not mean you can turn the item for a profit quickly.  The ranking of the book matters, a lot.  Low Price books allows you to see the items current Amazon ranking.   Don’t be worried to see some high numbers, unless your lucky your not going to find brand new best sellers.   From our experience look for books with a ranking of < 100,000.  This means the book should move within a few months.  Some books could have rankings in the millions (this is bad), and your book could take years to sell.




Before you make the final offer to buy the books take a quick check on the quality of the book.  Although you can sell books with writing or dings, the better the quality the more you can profit from the book.

Time to Sell

Now you have a quality used book, that should sell quickly and for a decent profit but how do you sell it?  Setup a seller account with Amazon!   It’s easy to get going and most books all you have to do is find the book by (ISBN) and click on the “Have one to sell?” button.    If your unsure about your first transaction you could always buy the book your self, yes that’s right sell the book to yourself.   This way you can go though the entire process, packaging, printing a shipping label, shipping, tracking the package and verify your happy with the process.  In the end you can still resell the book again for a real profit this time, when your ready.


Now go big…..

Forget the yard sells and estate sales visit your local Library book sales (held a few times per year).  Often these sales offer books for 1$ or less.  Remember it must be a book that still has value,  more expensive books, etc.  Your looking for books that have been donated to the library to raise money, not the books they took out of the Library because they don’t want them anymore.  Some of these sales will have 10,000 or more books!

Even More Money ….

The most profitable find is almost always college textbooks.  Stay away from K-12 text books though, but college textbooks are gold.  Some college books are $200 to $300 each and can sell used for very high amounts.  During our experience with this we found one yard sell with 6 textbooks, using the Low Price Books app found all were worth between $50 to $250 used and they only wanted $5 each for the books.  Every one of these books sold within 30 days.
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It’s no wonder that people are starting to make a living out of hunting for used books.



Use Low Price Books and Save  $$$ on College Textbooks




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