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Dragonfly in Amber Publisher: Recorded Books by Diana Gabaldon

Dragonfly in Amber Publisher: Recorded BooksNew York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon enchanted scores of fans with Outlander, her electrifying historical saga set in 18th century Scotland. Now the sequel sweeps listeners back into the past as Claire relates more of her perilous sojourn there with her Scottish warrior husband, James Fraser. Twenty years after her strange journey back in time, Claire has returned to Scotland with her daughter, determined to share with her the secret she has harbored since her time travel. Still longing to know the fate of her beloved warrior, she recounts the story of her stay with him in the intrigue-ridden court of Charles Stuart and their attempt to avert the doomed Highlands uprising at Culloden. As her story unfolds, it reveals implications more far-reaching than even she could have guessed. Narrator Davina Porter’s gift for expression captures the history and flavor of a harsh place and time and gives it the polish of a warm and engaging love story. The length of this book is a plus, as listeners will find it one to be savored.


Category: Romance Time Travel

Binding: Audio CD
Author: Diana Gabaldon
Pub Date: 2006

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