Condo Living (and Dying)

Condo Living (and Dying) by W. M. Goldberger

Condo Living (and Dying)

Linda Dawson’s attempt to find out why her condo fees kept going up was stopped dead; her body was found lying in the Bellevue parking lot.

With the contents of her handbag scattered next to her body, and her billfold missing, most concluded that it was a purse-snatching gone terribly wrong. But from his exacting study of the crime scene, veteran homicide detective Jeffrey Marcum knows that when Linda Dawson left the Bellevue that evening, the killer followed her out with the intent to silence her.

Marcum and his tough young partner, Kelli Summerfield, learn that Linda Dawson had uncovered conflicts of interest and possible crimes involving the hired manager of the Bellevue operations and several members of the Bellevue Board. What Dawson found out is reason for three people to want her dead. Dogged study of the Bellevue operation and Marcum’s uncanny ability to recall facts from long-closed homicide cases enable the detective team to bring the killer to justice.

Condo Living (and Dying) discusses the potential for unethical practices in properties governed by homeowner associations; and, the difficulty condominium owners face in having effective oversight in the management of their properties.


Category: Financial

ISBN: 1502371286
Binding: Paperback
Author: W. M. Goldberger
Pub Date: 1/16/2015

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