How to Save on Textbooks

Buy Used Textbooks!

Using the Low Price Books App for Android, College Students can find the best deals on used textbooks. Search thousands of Amazon book merchants at once. To buy textbooks, just search by title, author, or ISBN to see if we have a used version of the textbook you are looking for. Some of our used textbooks are listed at 90% off their retail price and many are in like new condition.

At the end of the semester, many textbooks can also be traded in for cash through Amazon’s trade in program. Use Low Price Books to scan your books barcode to see what the current trade in value is.

Buying used is the more Eco Friendly way to go, and by trading your books in when your done you can continue the savings (in paper and cash).

Low Price Books is a book search service, all purchases and trade in’s are made via and it’s merchants. 


Check out our bookstore and Save on College Textbooks 
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