Caught in PRISM’s Web: A James Alan Spy

Caught in PRISM’s Web: A James Alan Spy Thriller by Derek A. Leist

Caught in PRISM's Web: A James Alan Spy Thriller
When a young college graduate is swept up in a vast money laundering ring that reaches from the corridors of Wall Street to the highest levels of the US government, there are few he can trust –and fewer still who want to see him make it out alive.

If you are a fan of fast-paced, action-packed thrillers that combine corruption, greed and secrecy with political intrigue, then ‘Caught in PRISM’s Web’ is for you

CAUGHT IN PRISM’S WEB begins in the sleepy college town of College Station, Texas with a soon-to-be college graduate, James Alan, who is lost and looking to find his place in the world. What James doesn’t realize is that his life is about to take an unexpected turn, thanks to a chance encounter with one of the United States’ brightest intelligence officers. 

Following the explosive, anonymous revelations that a Vice President at one of Wall Street’s most powerful financial institutions – and wife of a powerful Texas Congressman – has been funneling foreign funds into American political campaigns for political favors and kickbacks, it falls to a secretive committee within one of the United States’ most powerful intelligence organizations to uncover the source of the foreign funds…Who is financing American political campaigns? And for what purpose?

Corruption appears to know no bounds. Before long, it becomes apparent that James is in over his head. His best chance of staying alive may be the very people that he has come to rely on – a brilliant, young NSA cryptographer; a beautiful, young Wall Street intern and one of the most experienced intelligence officers that the United States government has ever had. The stakes for the nation – and the young man caught up in it all – could not be any higher…

Vivid, addictive and riveting, Caught in PRISM’s Web tells a new sort of thriller for a post 9/11, post-Great Recession generation:

  • #1 in Financial Thrillers
  • #3 in Political Thrillers & Suspense
  • #3 in Technothrillers
  • #4 in Terrorism

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“CAUGHT IN PRISM’S WEB will keep you on the edge of your seat with each passing chapter. Fans of John Grisham and John Le Carré will find a capable talent here in Leist’s ability to relate to his readers and slowly enthrall you in the story until you can’t put it down. The author’s compelling writing style and sharp eye for character development leaves you feeling as if you are a part of the story. A soon-to-be classic of the thriller and suspense genre, especially given today’s pressing international issues.”

– William Rogers, Old Bookhand from the Rio Grande

“Derek A. Leist is the breakthrough author of the best-selling financial thriller “Caught in PRISM’s Web.” He has completely reconceived the genre of financial thriller, creating an intricately, interwoven story that tackles corruption, greed and the powers-that-be in an excellent work of fiction. At times, it feels more like you are glancing behind the scenes at the innermost workings of some of the most secretive organizations in the world. “Caught in PRISM’s Web” will leave you asking some thought-provoking questions.”

– Lindsey Elizabeth, Aggie Book Reviews

“One of the up-and-coming, best thrillers of 2015”

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Category: Financial

ISBN: 1519565666
Binding: Paperback
Author: Derek A. Leist
Pub Date: 11/27/2015

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