Broken Barriers (Barriers Series) (Volum

Broken Barriers (Barriers Series) (Volume 4) by Sara Shirley

Broken Barriers (Barriers Series) (Volume 4)
Drew’s story “Dreams can heal your soul.” It was just supposed to be a “friends with benefits” type of fling. Feelings were never supposed to get in the way. Drew Daley never thought Courtney Page would be the one to change all that. He watched her walk away to pursue her own dreams while Drew’s Marine Corps orders sent him packing for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Something told him to never let her go; to fight for her and his country. Can a decision from years ago make all the difference in one’s future? Time has passed. People have changed. Lives have gone in different directions. Drew returns broken and torn after nearly eighteen months overseas and everything isn’t what it was when he left. Life after deployment isn’t nearly as easy to fit into as he thought. Until new friends and familiar faces enter his life and everything changes. When his mind is trying to piece together all the puzzles surrounding his life, Cole Porter might just be the one to heal his broken heart and guide him in the right direction. However something about Cole is vaguely familiar to Drew. Despite what his head tells him he begins to get closer to her. Will Drew finally be able to let his heart heal and move on? Sometimes you have to face your dreams and fears all at once in order to recover. Otherwise you may never heal the broken pieces inside of you. **Mature Audiences only 18+**


Category: Military

ISBN: 1511992123
Binding: Paperback
Author: Sara Shirley
Pub Date: 5/15/2015

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