Books with Lynsey Stone Photography

Check out these books that include images from Lynsey Stone Photography –

1. Childbirth Without Fear: The Principles and Practice of Natural Childbirth by Grantly Dick-Read


In an age where birth has often been overtaken by obstetrics, Dr Dick-Read’s philosophy is still as fresh and relevant as it was when he originally wrote this book. He unpicks every possible root cause of western woman’s fear and anxiety in pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding and does so with overwhelming heart and empathy. Essential reading for all parents-to-be, childbirth educators, midwives and obstetricians!

2. Confident Birth
by Susanna Heli


Your body already knows how to give birth – the only help it needs from you is to protect it from all the things that can shut it down, like fear or stress. Confident Birth gives you and your birth partner simple and dynamic tools to help you release your innate power for giving birth.

3. Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Breastfeeding Therapy
by Nikki Lee

Sometimes there are challenges for lactation therapists that can’t be completely resolved by current lactation practices–when the baby has reflux or torticollis, when mother and baby are injured or in pain, when the mother can’t relax enough to sleep, when weeks of pumping erode the mother’s energy to the point she wants to quit breastfeeding. In Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Breastfeeding Therapy, author Nikki Lee describes mother-baby situations that benefit from complementary and alternative therapy techniques in order to have a thriving baby and a happy mother, with an abundant milk supply and easy breastfeeding. In her experience complementary therapies, when used in conjunction with proven breastfeeding management, do no harm and usually help mother and baby. Therapies covered include: -Creating a healing environment -Skin-to-skin and massage -Acupuncture -Chiropractic -Craniosacral therapy -Remedial co-bathing -Homeopathy This book is not an instruction manual. It is an open door to the world of other ways of healing. Some or all of these therapies may be gentle and helpful additions to your lactation toolbox.

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