Alex & Company: Book One – Ebony Book of

Alex & Company: Book One – Ebony Book of Old by Elbrus A. Basmouk

Alex & Company: Book One - Ebony Book of Old

When the parents of young Alex Nobles fail to return from a strange mission and his caretaker runs out of money, she has no choice but to send Alex to live at an orphanage run by a greedy tavern keeper named Helen Rutwinkle.

At the orphanage, Alex befriends other young boys named Sticks and Ham, as well as a girl named Mary. Helen Rutwinkle makes all of the children work, and Alex wonders what happened to his parents and if he really is an orphan at all.

One night, a mysterious king comes to the door and offers old Rutwinkle a powerful position in exchange for Alex. Luckily, Alex and his friends overhear the conversation and realize that this man has evil intentions.

The king is not the only one looking for Alex. A wizard from the revered order of Gray Cloaks seeks him, too– offering Alex protection for the dangerous journey ahead.

Alex and his friends set out on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling on the high seas and deep into the woods, where they meet all manner of magical creatures and discover whether Alex is truly the rightful heir to the wizards’ Ebony Book of Old.


Category: Coming of Age

ISBN: 986422401
Binding: Paperback
Author: Elbrus A. Basmouk
Pub Date: 6/30/2015

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