A Touch of Faith: The Healer (The Angel’

A Touch of Faith: The Healer (The Angel’s Advocate Group) (Volume 1) by Mrs. Kathleen M Schipper

A Touch of Faith: The Healer (The Angel's Advocate Group) (Volume 1)
Mary O’Connor is lost in a series of dead-end jobs with no idea what she wants to do when she grows up. While her friends are getting on with their lives, she doesn’t know what to do. She keeps having nightmares that may offer some insight into where her life might be going. After her most recent nightmare, she decides that it’s time to move on. She will go back to college; a decision her best friend Susan believes will change Mary’s life for the better. But they have no idea how much Mary going back to finish college is about to turn their lives upside down. As her new college career unfolds, she learns of the reason St. Anthony’s College recruited her: she has psychic abilities and hidden powers. Little does she know that lives now depend upon these abilities—along with her choices regarding the life of the one who betrays her. Labeled a “quitter” at a young age, Mary must face her inner demons, along with the visible ones who are closing in on her. An evil plague is spreading. It is almost too much for her to handle. Will her “touch of faith” is enough to save the man she loves, or is his tortured soul primed for the taking?


Category: New Adult & College

ISBN: 152343046X
Binding: Paperback
Author: Mrs. Kathleen M Schipper
Pub Date: 2/15/2016

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