803658230 – Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy

803658230 – Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy by Lynn S. Lippert PT MS

803658230 - Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy
803658230 –

Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 6th Edition + Kinesiology in Action


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Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy and KinesiologyinAction.com work together to create an immersive, multimedia experience that tracks your progress until you’ve mastered the must-know concepts and techniques and are ready to apply them in class, clinic, and practice. You’ll develop the foundational knowledge, critical-thinking skills, and technical competencies you need to understand kinesiology.



Online. Self-Paced. Easy to Navigate. Progressive.

Ten online learning modules with a wealth of activities guide you step by step through the basic theory of joint structure and muscle action to ensure you understand both normal and pathologic movement.

A special code in the front of the book unlocks Kinesiology in Action for you…including an ebook of the text.

Visit KinesiologyinAction.com to learn more.


Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy

Terms, principles, and applications. Clear and simple.

The 6th Edition of this classic kinesiology text continues the tradition of presenting a very complicated topic in a clear, simple, and easy-to-understand manner. Bite-size sections and over 500 full-color illustrations show how various anatomical systems are connected and help you identify and see the connections between common pathologies associated with certain anatomical structures.





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Category: Allied Health Professions
ISBN: 803658230
Binding: Paperback
Author: Lynn S. Lippert PT MS
Pub Date: 4/10/2017


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