78028493 – Health in the Later Years

78028493 – Health in the Later Years by Rebecca Ferrini

78028493 - Health in the Later Years
78028493 –Health in the Later Years is designed for college students, both undergraduate and graduate, in diverse fields of study, particularly those planning a career in health and human services. The text provides a comprehensive, scientific approach to health related topics affecting elders and those who care for them. Included are chapters that address the major influences on the health of older persons: demography, chronic and acute illnesses, mental health and disorders, medication use, physical activity and nutrition, sexuality, health promotion, medical and long term care, and death and dying, among others. The text takes a “whole person” approach to health including ample attention to cultural differences, psycho-social, economic, and cohort differences.





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Category: Geriatrics
ISBN: 78028493
Binding: Paperback
Author: Rebecca Ferrini
Pub Date: 2/23/2012


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