763772240 – Clinical Instruction & Evaluation: A Teaching Resource

763772240 – Clinical Instruction & Evaluation: A Teaching Resource by Andrea B. O’Connor

763772240 - Clinical Instruction  &  Evaluation: A Teaching Resource
763772240 -Clinical Instruction and Evaluation: A Teaching Resource, Third Edition is designed to guide instructors through the learning process by providing clinical nurses with the theoretical background and practical tools necessary to succeed as a clinical nursing instructor. The theory used to support the practice of clinical education is presented in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner. This text offers approaches to structuring clinical experiences for students, evaluating student performance, and solving problems encountered in clinical settings.

The Third Edition has been completely revised and updated and now includes a larger focus on teaching people from other cultures and traditions as well as the critical issues around the nursing shortage. The nursing shortage has increased the demand for nursing educators and as a result, nursing programs are now turning to clinically expert nurses to play a role in the educational process. Clinical Instruction and Evaluation helps the clinical nurse make a smooth transition to nurse instructor.

Key Features:

•Emphasizes the clinical component of the faculty role

•Employs a practical approach to make the process of teaching in the complex clinical area accessible

•Chapters can be used independently allowing instructors to use content creatively without being bound by the organization of the text

•Unique focus on the interpersonal relationship between the instructor and student found in specific chapters (15 &16) as well as throughout the text

•Provides concrete examples for instructors to leverage in the classroom to elicit critical thinking and clinical judgment responses from students





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Category: Nursing Administration & Management
ISBN: 763772240
Binding: Paperback
Author: Andrea B. O’Connor
Pub Date: 6/4/2014


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