73522597 – Nester’s Microbiology: A Human Perspective

73522597 – Nester’s Microbiology: A Human Perspective by Denise Anderson

73522597 - Nester's Microbiology: A Human Perspective
73522597 -Note: This book is a standalone book.

Perfect for the non-major/allied health student (and also appropriate for mixed majors courses), this text provides a rock solid foundation in microbiology. By carefully and clearly explaining the fundamental concepts and offering vivid and appealing instructional art, Microbiology: A Human Perspective draws students back to their book again and again!

The text has a concise and readable style, covers the most current concepts, and gives students the knowledge and mastery necessary to understand advances of the future. A body systems approach is used in the coverage of diseases.





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Category: Textbooks
ISBN: 73522597
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Denise Anderson
Pub Date: 1/6/2015


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