73385298 – Sol y viento: Beginning Spanish (Quia)

73385298 – Sol y viento: Beginning Spanish (Quia) by Bill VanPatten

73385298 - Sol y viento: Beginning Spanish (Quia)
73385298 –Sol y viento integrates the latest in second language acquisition research with the highest quality, Hollywood caliber feature film available for the Introductory Spanish classroom. The Sol y viento program creates a distinct and captivating cultural experience that motivates students to develop their communication skills. Created specifically for beginning language learners, Sol y viento tells the story of a Chilean family and their winery, and of a young U.S. Latino businessman who finds himself intricately involved with the family as his company tries to buy their land. Mystery, romance, and the unexplainable forces of nature all play a part in this spellbinding story, drawing students in and compelling them to want to communicate about the film and its themes.

For an additional charge you may also purchase access to CENTRO, a portal learning management system, which offers a diagnostic tool that provides students with tailored learning plans to address their specific learning needs. This integrated technology platform delivers a variety of digital components including Quia workbooks, laboratory manuals and an interactive e-book with voice board, allowing professors to deliver a seamless learning experience to students in both seated and virtual sections.

Customer should purchase the below additional card, depending on the term(s)/semester(s) needed:

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Category: Foreign Languages
ISBN: 73385298
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Bill VanPatten
Pub Date: 1/11/2011


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