325062498 – ESL Teaching, Revised Edition: Principles for Success

325062498 – ESL Teaching, Revised Edition: Principles for Success by Yvonne S Freeman

325062498 - ESL Teaching, Revised Edition: Principles for Success
325062498 –

The Freeman’s bestselling ESL Teaching: Principles for Success has long been a cornerstone text for research-based second language teaching methods and practices. The completely updated edition, with important contributions from coauthors Mary Soto and Ann Ebe, builds on foundational methodology for ESL teaching with the very latest understandings of what researchers, national and state departments of education, education associations and school districts across the country say constitutes best practices for emergent bilingual students.

Written to support both mainstream and ESL/bilingual teachers, ESL Teaching, Revised Edition features:

– a description of early ESL teaching methods along with current content-based methods, including CALLA, SIOP, GLAD, and QTEL
– seven best-practice principles for supporting the academic success of English learners
– classroom examples with a broad range of types of students and settings that illustrate how teachers have brought these principles to life
– updated references and reviews of language teaching research.

A classic foundational text, ESL Teaching: Principles for Success explains second language education methods in a comprehensible way and offers practical implementation strategies that work in any classroom. This text serves as a handbook for teacher educators, teachers, and administrators.





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Category: Textbooks
ISBN: 325062498
Binding: Paperback
Author: Yvonne S Freeman
Pub Date: 3/9/2016


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