323355757 – Huszar’s ECG and 12-Lead Interpretation, 5e

323355757 – Huszar’s ECG and 12-Lead Interpretation, 5e by Keith Wesley MD

323355757 - Huszar's ECG and 12-Lead Interpretation, 5e
323355757 –

Huzar’s ECG and 12-Lead Interpretation, 5th Edition, by Keith Wesley, M.D., helps you correlate ECG interpretation with clinical findings to identify and address selected heart rhythms. The text is structured to match the order in which you learn specific skills: ECG components are presented first, followed by rhythm interpretation and clinical implications. Take-Home Points, key definitions, chapter review questions, and practice strips help you understand and retain complex information

  • NEW! Discusses the difference between sinus arrest and SA block to help clarify concepts that learners often find confusing.
  • UPDATED! STEMI and NSTEMI treatment guidelines updated to the latest standards.
  • Coverage of both basic and advanced concepts incorporates the latest research developments and provides material pertinent to both beginning and experienced prehospital care providers.
  • UPDATED and EXPANDED! Key characteristics of each heart rhythm are summarized to allow you to learn or review each rhythm at a glance.
  • Patient care algorithms outline step-by-step management and treatment, correlating ECG interpretation with history and exam findings.
  • Advanced treatment content, such as complete coverage of thrombus formation, treatment, and management, offers critical information for both hospital and prehospital settings.
  • UPDATED AND EXPANDED! Key definitions define important terms right on the page, near relevant content, making it unnecessary to flip to the back-of-book glossary while reading or studying.
  • Key definitions, chapter review questions, and glossary updated to reflect new content.
  • Chapter review questions (with answers in an appendix) test your understanding of key topics.
  • Appendix with 200+ practice strips, questions, and answer keys reinforces major concepts and ties information together.
  • UPDATED! Glossary defines key terms, supplementing the on-page Key Definitions.
  • Expert authorship from Dr. Keith Wesley, who has been involved in EMS since 1989 and is a board-certified emergency medicine physician.
  • Self-assessment answer key allows you to check their own work for self-evaluation.
  • Chapter outlines offer a quick overview of each chapter’s content.

  • NEW! Updated content throughout ensures all chapters comply with the latest 2015 ECC guidelines.
  • NEW! ECG Keys boxes highlight basic clinical information, such as indications and end points for administration of certain drugs, helping you integrate clinical knowledge with heart rhythm interpretation.
  • NEW! Author’s Notes highlight special considerations, alternative diagnoses, possible complications or warning signs, normal variations, and more, allowing learners to benefit from the author’s expertise.
  • NEW! A bulleted Take-Home Points summary of each chapter highlights need-to-know information about the most important topics covered.
  • NEW! Updated process for distinguishing ventricular tachycardia from supraventricular tachycardia keeps you at the forefront of practice.
  • NEW! Now examines treatment of bradycardias and blocks with and without wide QRS.





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Category: Cardiology
ISBN: 323355757
Binding: Paperback
Author: Keith Wesley MD
Pub Date: 10/31/2016


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