323354920 – Foundations of Mental Health Care, 6e

323354920 – Foundations of Mental Health Care, 6e by Michelle Morrison-Valfre RN BSN MHS FNP

323354920 - Foundations of Mental Health Care, 6e
323354920 –

Build a broad fundamental knowledge of mental health concepts and disorders with Foundations of Mental Health Care, 6th Edition ― perfect for students, nurses, and other health care providers. This market-leading text features new psychotropic drug content and concise explanations of adaptive and maladaptive behaviors, as well as descriptions of the most current therapeutic interventions and treatments for mental health conditions. It helps you work comfortably with clients who exhibit a wide range of maladaptive human behaviors, and apply the concepts of holistic care when assisting clients in developing more effective attitudes and behaviors.

  • Sample Client Care Plans address how members of the health care team work collaboratively to meet client needs.
  • Realistic case studies illustrate chapter concepts, strengthen critical thinking, and ensure you consider psychosocial aspects of therapeutic care.
  • Critical Thinking boxes include practice scenarios and contain thought-provoking client issues and questions that stimulate critical thinking.
  • Cultural Consideration boxes highlight cultural issues and encourage you to attend to the mental health needs of culturally diverse clients.
  • Drug Alert boxes focus attention on medication issues and identify the risks and possible adverse reactions of psychotherapeutic medications.
  • Key terms with phonetic pronunciations, text page references, and a comprehensive glossary strengthen your understanding of mental health terminology.
  • Numbered chapter objectives provide a framework for the chapter content and the accompanying TEACH Lesson Plans.

  • NEW! Content on the impact of the Affordable Care Act on mental health coverage and treatment informs you of the most current treatment options.
  • NEW! Up-to-date coverage of the latest psychotropic medications emphasizes the most recent findings in safe pharmaceutical treatment in mental health care.
  • EXPANDED and NEW! Increased coverage of mental health surrounding mass violence keeps you up to date on the latest issues and approaches to treatment.
  • UPDATED! Current content on mental health issues and returning war veterans highlights mental health disorders affecting this population.
  • NEW! Discusses emerging mental health issues surrounding usage of electronic devices and the Internet, such as addiction.
  • NEW! Addresses updated DSM 5 diagnoses within appropriate chapters to ensure you have the latest information on new mental health diagnoses recognized by the American Psychiatric Association.





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Category: LPN & LVN: Books
ISBN: 323354920
Binding: Paperback
Author: Michelle Morrison-Valfre RN BSN MHS FNP
Pub Date: 9/27/2016


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