321886518 – The Complete Works of Shakespeare (7th Edition)

321886518 – The Complete Works of Shakespeare (7th Edition) by David Bevington

321886518 - The Complete Works of Shakespeare (7th Edition)
321886518 –

A balanced editorial approach, a highly respected editor, and comprehensive glosses, footnotes, and historical and cultural essays make this the most reader-friendly introduction to Shakespeare available today. Theseventh edition of this comprehensive anthology addresses the two key issues confronted by readers approaching Shakespeare today: a lack of knowledge about the historical period and difficulty with the language of Shakespeare’s plays. A richly illustrated general introduction offers insight into Shakespeare’s England and background on the literary and cultural contexts in which Shakespeare wrote and produced plays. Each play is introduced by a descriptive essay designed to help the reader appreciate the cultural contexts and interpretive issues raised by the play — without dictating their interpretations. Thoroughly revised and updated notes and glosses provide additional support to understanding the language of Shakespeare’s time.





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Category: English Literature
ISBN: 321886518
Binding: Hardcover
Author: David Bevington
Pub Date: 1/8/2013


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