205782787 – Treffpunkt Deutsch: Grundstufe (6th Edition)

205782787 – Treffpunkt Deutsch: Grundstufe (6th Edition) by Margaret T. Gonglewski

205782787 - Treffpunkt Deutsch: Grundstufe (6th Edition)
205782787 –

Construct Meaningfrom Day One With Contemporary Language and Culture

Since the first edition, Treffpunkt Deutsch has been carefully designed to enable students to use the language actively and successfully.

Thoroughly revised and updat ed, the Sixth Edition encourages students to interact more intensively with the German language and to begin constructing meaning from the first day of instruction, resulting in the development of strong language-learning strategies.

Teaching & Learning Experience

  • Student-Centered, Communicative Approach – Builds students’ ability to communicate in German in all modes of communication.
  • Connect with Culture -Heavily updated culture sections encourage students to become a part of today’s community of German-speaking cultures.
  • Explore Grammar – Extensive revisions to grammar presentation and sequencing facilitate student comprehension and optimize teaching.
  • Build Vocabulary – Updated vocabulary sections and exercises reflect new chapter content and a more contemporary focus.
  • Develop Skills – New readings and a more central role for video strengthen the cyclical approach of the textthat links skills, grammar, and vocabulary in a way that mutually reinforces all four skills.
  • Personalize Learning –The proven success of MyLangaugeLabs will available forfall 2012 courses via MyGermanLab to accompany Treffpunkt Deutsch , 6e.

Note: MyLanguageLabs does not come automatically packaged with this text. To purchase MyLanguageLabs access, please visit: www.mylanguagelabs.com or you can purchase a valuepack of the text + MyLanguageLabs 24-month access.





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Category: German
ISBN: 205782787
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Margaret T. Gonglewski
Pub Date: 2/24/2012


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