190254777 – Philosophy: The Quest for Truth

190254777 – Philosophy: The Quest for Truth by Louis P. Pojman

190254777 - Philosophy: The Quest for Truth
190254777 -Praised for its unique combination of accessibility and comprehensiveness, Philosophy: The Quest for Truth, Tenth Edition, provides an excellent selection of ninety-five classical and contemporary readings–on twenty key problems in philosophy–carefully organized so that they present pro/con dialogues that allow students to compare and contrast the philosophers’ positions.

Each of the readings is accompanied by study questions, end-of-reading reflective questions, and an individual introduction featuring a biographical sketch of the philosopher. A tutorial on logic and argument, a time line, boldfaced key terms, a detailed glossary, and an appendix on reading and writing philosophy papers further enhance the text’s pedagogical value. In addition, each major section opens with a substantial introduction and ends with a short bibliography.





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Category: Philosophy History & Surveys
ISBN: 190254777
Binding: Paperback
Author: Louis P. Pojman
Pub Date: 9/30/2016


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