1889125008 – Fast Facts for Adult Critical Care

1889125008 – Fast Facts for Adult Critical Care by Kathy White

1889125008 - Fast Facts for Adult Critical Care
1889125008 -12 Chapters including: CV, Hemodynamics, ACLS, Stat Meds, Med Facts, Drip Tables, ECG, Pacing, Resp, Neuro, Renal/Endo, Lab/IV’sBld; with SPECIALTY CHAPTERS for Trauma, IABP, CV Surg and Peds available at additional cost. The 12 Chapters include the following information. The most recent guidelines (2011) for: BLS and ACLS Standards: STEMI; Therapeutic Hypothermia following Cardiac Arrest; UA/NSTEMI, High Risk NSTEMI; Ischemic Stroke; Acute Heart Failure; (2009) Subarachnoid Hemorrhage; (2009) Sepsis; (2008) AHA/ACCP Guidelines for Anticoagulation; Over 80 “STAT Meds,” offering critical information based on the “prescribing information” obtained from the manufacturer of each medication; 41 Infusion Tables, with details on how to mix and dose-titrate specific infusions; Essential information on over 16 classes of critical care drugs, from ACE inhibitors to Warfarin; ECG monitoring; 12-lead analysis; the characteristics and waveforms of 30 dysrhythmias; understanding axis deviation; how to do ST-segment monitoring; Assessing and treating Hemodynamic Crisis. Ensuring safety of PA catheterization and accuracy in hemodynamic monitoring techniques; Guidelines for neurologic critical care; AANN Guidelines for ICP Monitoring; therapeutic approach to unrelenting seizures, monitoring Brain PO2, managing intracerebral hemorrhage. Initiating Emergency Cardiac Pacing: a Step-by-Step Pictorial of the Pacer and the Lead Connections; Guidelines on the Prevention of VAP (Ventilator Associated Pneumonia). Critical care of respiratory failure, renal failure, electrolyte Imbalance, CRRT, and endocrine crisis; Laboratory values (expressed in conventional units, as well as Systeme Internationale Units). Blood Component Therapy, Fluid and Transfusion Hazards; and Guidelines for critical management of the Organ Donor. A total of 206 illustrations and drip tables, all in color.





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Category: Critical Care Medicine
ISBN: 1889125008
Binding: Ring-bound
Author: Kathy White
Pub Date: 2010


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