1622026063 – Icd-10-pcs 2018: The Complete Official Codebook

1622026063 – Icd-10-pcs 2018: The Complete Official Codebook by American Medical Association

1622026063 - Icd-10-pcs 2018: The Complete Official Codebook
1622026063 -ICD-10-PCS 2018: The Complete Official Codebook contains the complete ICD-10-PCS code set and supplementary appendixes required for reporting inpatient procedures. This illustrated codebook presents the code set in 17 sections of tables arranged by general procedure type. Tables within the extensive Medical and Surgical section are additionally sectioned out by body system, indicated by color-coded page borders. ICD-10-PCS contains classifications for procedures, devices and technologies.
Features and Benefits
Content updates to reflect the 2018 code set
NEW! Spiralbinding allows for convenient lay-flat use of the book.
llustrations of body parts accompanying the Character Meaning Tables. These tables are located at the beginning of
each body system in the Medical/Surgical section.
Complete set of ICD-10-PCS codes. View all 17 sections of tables by general procedure type from medical/surgical to new technology.
Official coding guidelines. Learn how to use the code set appropriately following the guidelines specific for each section.
Intuitive features and format. Handy code tables build the code through character value selections that reflect the
procedure performed. Now with body part definitions included in the root operation tables for the Medical/Surgical section.
Detailed information on structure and conventions of ICD-10-PCS. For those new to ICD-10-PCS coding, learn about the unique structure and the specific definitions and functions for each character.
Productivity tools. Body part definitions table and root operation conversion table.
Color-coding and symbols for the Medicare Code Edits. This edition includes color-coding and symbols for the most
comprehensive coverage of ICD10 MS-DRG MCEs for procedures including;
Non-covered procedures
Limited coverage procedures
Combination only procedures
Non-operating room procedures affecting MS-DRG assignment
Non-operating room procedures NOT affecting MS-DRG assignment
Hospital acquired condition (HAC)-related procedures
Procedure combination tables. Identify ICD-10-PCS code combination requirements needed to satisfy certain MS-DRG requirements.
Illustrations. Featuring anatomy and terminology included in the ICD-10-PCS classification system.





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Category: Medical Assistants
ISBN: 1622026063
Binding: Paperback
Author: American Medical Association
Pub Date: 9/18/2017


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