1620700662 – Guide to Musculoskeletal Injections with Ultrasound

Guide to Musculoskeletal Injections with Ultrasound by Mohammad Agha MD

Guide to Musculoskeletal Injections with Ultrasound

The ABCs of ultrasound-guided MSK injections

This practical handbook covers all types of ultrasound-guided injections of the joints and tendons. Designed for use primarily by trainees and new practitioners, the guide bridges the gap between the early steps of learning to perform injections and applying that knowledge to patient care. With its concise, user-friendly format and bulleted instructions, the book allows practitioners to quickly access precise information for performing procedures at the point of care. High-resolution photographs illustrate marking and probe placement, while ultrasound images walk you through needle visualization on insertion and at target.




Category: Textbooks
ISBN: 1620700662
Binding: Paperback
Author: Mohammad Agha MD
Pub Date: 10/8/2015


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