1567938515 – Healthcare Operations Management, Third Edition

1567938515 – Healthcare Operations Management, Third Edition by Daniel B. McLaughlin

1567938515 - Healthcare Operations Management, Third Edition
1567938515 -This book is about operations management and the strategic implementation of programs, techniques, and tools for reducing costs and improving quality. It not only covers the basics of operations management, but also explains how operations and process improvement relate to contemporary healthcare trends such as evidence-based medicine and pay-for-performance. The book’s practical approach includes real-world examples to illustrate concepts and explanations of software tools that solve operational problems. Key Features: * Provides methodologies to align strategic and operational goals, including the use of project management tools and balanced-scorecard techniques to execute and monitor projects * Thoroughly explores process improvement tools, techniques, and programs, including Six Sigma, the Lean enterprise, and simulation * Applies performance improvement tools to supply chain management, scheduling, and other healthcare issues * Includes examples from a fictitious but realistic organization that illustrate important concepts discussed in each chapter * Includes chapter overviews, key terms and acronyms, discussion questions, and problems for each chapter * Provides a companion website that features Excel templates, Arena models, tutorials, exercises, PowerPoint presentations, and web links Included CD-Rom: The book explains and demonstrates the use of various software tools associated with problem solving and decision making including Microsoft Excel and Project. A version of Arena software is included in order to practice process modeling. Arena is a powerful simulation tool used by healthcare organizations to optimize patient flow, develop scheduling systems, and improve patient-care processes.





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Category: Health Care Delivery
ISBN: 1567938515
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Daniel B. McLaughlin
Pub Date: 3/20/2017


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