156793725X – Dunn & Haimann’s Healthcare Management

156793725X – Dunn & Haimann’s Healthcare Management by Rose T. Dunn

156793725X - Dunn & Haimann's Healthcare Management
156793725X –

The way a supervisor handles the managerial aspects of the job makes the difference between running the department and being run by the department. Now in its tenth edition, Dunn and Haimann s Healthcare Management continues to provide readers with the information and tools they need to understand and keep pace with the vast changes occurring in healthcare management today. Although the text builds its framework around the core functions of management planning, organizing, staffing, influencing, and controlling key topics relating to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), new technologies for managers and medical staffs, and a savvier customer base are also addressed.

This updated edition includes new glossary terms reflecting the ACA and other recent industry changes, as well as:

  • A discussion of social media as an internal and external communications tool, with guidelines for setting appropriate boundaries on social media use
  • Enhanced coverage of planning processes, including benchmarking and maintaining a data repository with input from various applications and systems
  • Expanded treatment of budgeting tools, including the rolling and grow budget techniques
  • A discussion of capital expenditure requests, incorporating return on investment (ROI) and the payback period as a capital ROI budgeting approach
  • Information on Peter Senge s entrepreneurial management theory and an expanded discussion of contingency theory
  • Updated information on personnel-related regulations, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act rules, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act penalties




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    Category: Hospital Administration & Care
    ISBN: 156793725X
    Binding: Hardcover
    Author: Rose T. Dunn
    Pub Date: 9/30/2015


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