1567936962 – Health Policy Issues- An Ecnomic Perspective – 6th Ed

1567936962 – Health Policy Issues- An Ecnomic Perspective – 6th Ed by Paul J. Feldstein

1567936962 - Health Policy Issues: An Ecnomic Perspective, Sixth Edition

1567936962 -The Affordable Care Act (ACA), the most substantial public policy enacted in many years, affects all parts of healthcare financing and delivery. This book has been thoroughly updated to explain the magnitude of this legislation and how it affects everyone, including hospitals, employers, employees, physicians, and insurers, the uninsured, and state and federal governments. Well-known economist Paul Feldstein not only addresses the underlying issues and politics of healthcare but also enlightens why the health system has progressed to its current state. 36 short chapters give students a comprehensive overview of the delivery of medical services through a unique economic perspective.

Reflecting the widespread repercussions of the ACA, components of the ACA are discussed in the context of many of the chapters. Accordingly, the ACA is linked to topics such as:

  • Future role of hospitals
  • Rise of medical expenditures
  • Impending shortage of physicians
  • Evolution of managed care
  • High price of prescription drugs



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Category: Textbooks
ISBN: 1567936962
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Paul J. Feldstein
Pub Date: 1/26/2015


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