1524914312 – Special Education for All Teachers

1524914312 – Special Education for All Teachers by COLARUSSO RONALD P

1524914312 - Special Education for All Teachers
1524914312 –

New 7th Edition Now Available!

Good teachers have the desire and ability to accept the challenge of meeting the needs of diverse students in the general education classroom if they are provided with the appropriate knowledge and resources.

Special Education for All Teachers focuses on relevant and practical issues in educating students with special needs and students who are at risk for learning problems in the general education classroom. The information provided is intended to give a greater understanding of these students which will lead to the acceptance of them and their diverse needs in school and society.

The 7th edition of Special Education for All Teachers:

  • has expanded and updated chapter contents while continuing to incorporate the latest research.
  • features web resources, classroom application activities, internet resources, case studies, and more!
  • addresses cultural and linguistic diversity, collaboration with families and professionals, the response to intervention, referral, and placement process, and much more.
  • presents the laws for special education.





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Category: Special Education Books
ISBN: 1524914312
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: 1/23/2017


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