1523318678 – Probability: For the Enthusiastic Beginner

1523318678 – Probability: For the Enthusiastic Beginner by David J. Morin

1523318678 - Probability: For the Enthusiastic Beginner
1523318678 -This book is written for high school and college students learning about probability for the first time. It will appeal to the reader who has a healthy level of enthusiasm for understanding how and why the various results of probability come about. All of the standard introductory topics in probability are covered: combinatorics, the rules of probability, Bayes’ theorem, expectation value, variance, probability density, common distributions, the law of large numbers, the central limit theorem, correlation, and regression. Calculus is not a prerequisite, although a few of the problems do involve calculus. These are marked clearly. The book features 150 worked-out problems in the form of examples in the text and solved problems at the end of each chapter. These problems, along with the discussions in the text, will be a valuable resource in any introductory probability course, either as the main text or as a helpful supplement.





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Category: Textbooks
ISBN: 1523318678
Binding: Paperback
Author: David J. Morin
Pub Date: 4/3/2016


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