1506326536 – Memory: Foundations and Applications

1506326536 – Memory: Foundations and Applications by Bennett L. Schwartz

1506326536 - Memory: Foundations and Applications
1506326536 –

The fully updated Third Edition of Bennett L. Schwartz’s Memory: Foundations and Applications engages students in an exploration of how memory works in everyday life through unique applications in areas such as education, job-related memory, investigations, and courtrooms. Throughout the book, integrated coverage of cognitive psychology and neuroscience connects theory and research to the areas in the brain where memory processes occur. Four overarching themes that create a framework for the text include: the active nature of learning and remembering; memory′s status as a biological process; the multiple components of memory systems; and how memory principles can improve our individual ability to learn and remember. Featuring substantive changes that bring the book completely up to date, the Third Edition offers students an array of high-interest examples for augmenting their own memory abilities and appreciation of memory science.





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Category: Cognitive Psychology
ISBN: 1506326536
Binding: Paperback
Author: Bennett L. Schwartz
Pub Date: 1/27/2017


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