1475421796 – Study Guide for Modern Real Estate Practice, 19th Edition

Study Guide for Modern Real Estate Practice, 19th Edition by Fillmore W. Galaty

Study Guide for Modern Real Estate Practice, 19th Edition
This student guide parallels key concepts covered in Modern Real Estate Practice, Mastering Real Estate Principles, and Real Estate Fundamentals and highlights the main points and issues for students. With hundreds of questions and answers, this study guide reinforces important concepts and provides an alternative source for review while students work with the textbook. This guide also makes an ideal supplement to Practice & Law, Real Estate Basics, and other prelicensing texts. CONTENTS: Introduction to the Real Estate Business Real Property and the Law Fair Housing Interests in Real Estate Forms of Real Estate Ownership Land Description Transfer of Title Title Records Real Estate Brokerage Real Estate Agency Client Representation Agreements Real Estate Contracts Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens Real Estate Financing Government Involvement in Real Estate Financing Real Estate Appraisal Closing the Real Estate Transaction Leases Property Management Land-Use Controls and Property Development Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction Investing in Real Estate Appendix: Directory of State Licensing Agencies and Statutes Math FAQs Sample Examinations Glossary Answer Key Index




Category: Textbooks
ISBN: 1475421796
Binding: Paperback
Author: Fillmore W. Galaty
Pub Date: 6/30/2014


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