1452203490 – Modern Classroom Assessment

1452203490 – Modern Classroom Assessment by Bruce B. Frey

1452203490 - Modern Classroom Assessment
1452203490 –Modern Classroom Assessment offers an applied, student-centered guide to the major research-based approaches to assessment in today’s modern classroom. Rather than simply list basic assessment formats with a few examples, as many textbooks do, award-winning professor and scholar Bruce Frey’s book fully explores all five key approaches for teacher-designed assessment―Traditional Paper-and-Pencil, Performance-Based Assessment, Formative Assessment, Universal Test Design, and Authentic Assessment ―while making abstract concepts and guidelines clear with hundreds of real-world illustrations and examples of what actual teachers do. Offering a variety of engaging learning tools and realistic stories from the classroom, this text will give any reader a strong foundation for designing modern assessments in their own classrooms.





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Category: Encyclopedias
ISBN: 1452203490
Binding: Paperback
Author: Bruce B. Frey
Pub Date: 9/13/2013


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