1451144571 – Radiology 101: The Basics & Fundamentals of Imaging

1451144571 – Radiology 101: The Basics & Fundamentals of Imaging by Wilbur L. Smith MD

1451144571 - Radiology 101: The Basics & Fundamentals of Imaging
1451144571 –

Radiology 101 isa popular introduction to radiologic anatomy, the imaging manifestations of common disease processes, and what imaging studies to use when. The first section addresses basic principles of the various imaging modalities, while the second section deals with imaging of body regions plus, containsa chapter on nuclear imaging. Each chapter starts with a brief outline and ends with key points.

Great depictions of normal anatomy and common pathology help guide those seeking a basic understanding of radiology especially interns andradiology residents, and non-radiology professionals desiring a concise overview of the field, such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants and primary-care physicians. Emphasis is placed on plain-film imaging with CT, MRI&Ultrasound included. Plus, there are numerous tables for typical symptoms, causes and differential diagnosis of common diseases and disorders.

New for this edition:

  • Book is4-color for first time with new anatomic variants added to each chapter
  • Inside cover lists common acronyms and treatment of acute contrast media reactions
  • Discussion of biopsy of thyroid nodules (procedure commonly ordered by primary-care providers)
  • Expanded nuclear imaging section to include basics of PET/CT
  • New chapters on radiation protection/dose reduction and medical decision-making





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Category: Medical Diagnosis
ISBN: 1451144571
Binding: Paperback
Author: Wilbur L. Smith MD
Pub Date: 10/18/2013


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