131742760 – Introduction to Engineering Experimentation (3rd Edition)

131742760 – Introduction to Engineering Experimentation (3rd Edition) by Anthony J. Wheeler

131742760 - Introduction to Engineering Experimentation (3rd Edition)
131742760 –

KEY BENEFIT: An up-to-date, practical introduction to engineering experimentation. Introduction to Engineering Experimentation, 3E introduces many topics that engineers need to master in order to plan, design, and document a successful experiment or measurement system. The text offers a practical approach with current examples and thorough discussions of key topics, including those often ignored or merely touched upon by other texts, such as modern computerized data acquisition systems, electrical output measuring devices, and in-depth coverage of experimental uncertainty analysis.

The book includes theoretical coverage and selected applications of statistics and probability, instrument dynamic response, uncertainty analysis and Fourier analysis; detailed descriptions of computerized data acquisition systems and system components, as well as a wide range of common sensors and measurement systems such as strain gages and thermocouples. Worked examples are provided for theoretical topics and sources of uncertainty are presented for measurement systems.

For engineering professionals looking for an up-to-date, practical introduction to the field of engineering experimentation.





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Category: Mechanical Engineering
ISBN: 131742760
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Anthony J. Wheeler
Pub Date: 12/4/2009


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