1305646525 – Our Sexuality

1305646525 – Our Sexuality by Robert L. Crooks

1305646525 - Our Sexuality
1305646525 -Are you sexually intelligent? You will be after reading OUR SEXUALITY, the most respected and authoritative college textbook available on human sexuality. Written in a direct, non-judgmental manner, this thirteenth edition has been thoroughly and carefully updated to reflect the most current research findings and psychosocial developments. It is the first college text to deliver cutting-edge and in-depth emphasis on the impact of politics on sexuality. Crooks and Baur keep you interested with the most exciting, emerging research and coverage, and focus on strengthening your self-awareness and sexual intelligence.





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Category: Psychology
ISBN: 1305646525
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Robert L. Crooks
Pub Date: 1/1/2016


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