1305583698 – Anthropology: The Human Challenge

1305583698 – Anthropology: The Human Challenge by William A. Haviland

1305583698 - Anthropology: The Human Challenge
1305583698 -The seasoned international author team of Haviland, Prins, Walrath, and McBride once again offers students a vivid and thought-provoking window on the world. The streamlined and updated 15th edition of ANTHROPOLOGY: THE HUMAN CHALLENGE emphasizes the ever-growing interconnections and interdependence of the world’s peoples in this era of unprecedented globalization. Known for reaching a wide variety of students at multicultural academic institutions, the authors’ clear, lively writing is enhanced by a distinctly rich array of visuals that deepen the learning experience — maps, charts, and compelling high-quality photographs paired with informative captions. True to the discipline’s time-honored holistic and integrated approach, this book presents anthropology’s four fields within a cohesive framework that clarifies the intertwined roles of biology and culture in shaping behaviors and beliefs. Encouraging thoughtful exploration of contemporary cultures undergoing change in a complex world system, it reveals the essential insights that an anthropological perspective brings to living and working in the 21st century.





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Category: Anthropology
ISBN: 1305583698
Binding: Paperback
Author: William A. Haviland
Pub Date: 4/11/2016


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